About Me

I am a thirty-something year old wife and a mother of two kids. Although I now live with my family in El Cajon, California, I grew up within the city limits of San Diego proper. During my whole childhood, I never ventured out east, except for an occasional jaunt out to Parkway Plaza or to my dentist located on Washington Street.

When I started living in El Cajon over a decade ago, I had my head filled up with all of the usual stereotypes of East County as an area with racist, ignorant, Wal-mart-loving "rednecks," "white trash," "trailer trash," you name it. As an Asian (one of the least represented racial groups in the area at under 3% of the population), I wondered what the social climate would be like and how comfortable I would feel.

More than a decade out, I do not hesitate in saying that I love living in San Diego's East County. Is El Cajon perfect? Not in the least. Are there racists in "Clantee"? Sure, I've come across a few. What about the homeless roaming the streets? Yup, we can recognize them all.

All the same, I am proud to live, work, and be a mother in El Cajon. Through sharing my family's adventures in and around El Cajon, I hope to highlight what we find charming about this "Junk Drawer" we call home. Hopefully, I will be able to capture the genuine heart of this small town that is unexpectedly diverse and overwhelmingly accepting of all walks of life.

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