Friday, August 12, 2011

El Cajon Mama's Been Out of Commission!

I love writing as El Cajon Mama, but life has been so busy and stressful lately that I haven't found time to do much writing at all. I've been so behind with life in general that at home, our cupboards seem to be perpetually at what we call "Old Mother Hubbard" levels while our dirty laundry piles continue to reproduce.

Although I haven't added a post to this blog for a while, I have added a few posts to La Mesa Patch during recent months:
I don't have time to write much right now, but I do want to put up a couple of quick El Cajon tidbits.

Today, after a full week of working 10-12 hours a day on a big project at work, I was never so appreciative of arriving at the weekend. Driving home, not even an angry driver in front of me could dampen my mood. Instead, I found myself so giddy about the weekend that just the simplest things made me smile.

Here are a couple of things that made me grin. (Don't worry, both times I was at a stop light when I snapped the photos.) HINT: Click on the photos to open them up larger.

#1: While stuck on the Bradly Avenue off ramp off of the 67 (and if know the area, you'll know that you can get stuck there forever), my son and I were entertained by a bird taking a break in front of the red traffic light. It was fun to see its outline as we sat there waiting for a green.

#2: Again at another traffic light, I was amused when the car in front of us had some family stickers. While it's quite normal to see cars with a dad, mom, a few kids, and maybe a dog or cat...I have never seen a line up like this one! This animal loving vehicle was a fun sight.

This El Cajon mama hopes that life slows down its pace soon, but in the meantime, maybe some more red lights will bring some unexpected joy.