Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Love Letter To Trader Joe's La Mesa

To Trader Joe's La Mesa,

I feel like I have to lay my life on the line just to get some time with you.
After seeing you again yesterday, I am reminded of my conflicted feelings about our relationship. I love you, but at the same time, I also kind of hate you. I feel bad saying this, because I know I'm not being entirely fair to you. After all, the things that I can't stand about you are really not your fault. You have always personally treated me well--I just can't stand the crowd that you seem to attract.

You spice up my life...everyday.

Maybe I just have bad timing. But, it seems like every single time I come to see you, there are countless others who either stop me in my tracks, or else are willing to run me over, seemingly to keep me away from you. Then, as if building up the courage to approach you is not stressful enough, when I finally do manage to meet up with you, there are always more people who keep cutting me off or stopping me in my tracks.

I know that you are popular, and I can completely understand why, but sometimes all of these other people in your life make me question whether or not I should keep on seeing you. In the end, though, I always end up crawling back to you because there is no one else around who has what you have to offer. Believe me. I've been around the block, and in comparison, what you promise is truly one-of-a-kind. Even after a most stressful meeting with you, and no matter how much I may end up cursing your name, I never do leave empty-handed.

I love what you bring to the table.
I guess I just need to step back, take a few deep breaths, and accept that there will always be others in your life. Our relationship has never been an exclusive one, as you know that I am just as guilty of seeing others myself. Having admitted that, you must trust that I am telling the truth when I say that by the end of the day, you leave me feeling quite satisfied. 

So, since I understand that I can't change others--that I can only change myself--maybe what I need to work on is finding better times to come and visit you, when perhaps you are not so busy. And, worst case, I will put up with all of the other people in your life, just as I always have in the past. Don't worry. No matter how worked up I may get, I can't stop coming back for more. You won't get rid of me that easily.

Your hot and cold love,
El Cajon Mama


  1. You gotta go right before they close. Then the parking lot's empty. Or try the side parking lot -- a little safer. :)

  2. Great post, i totally understand. i LOVE Trader Joe's!! But the parking! The people! Waiting for one to open up in El Cajon (hint: write to your councilpeople about this... let me know if you need email addresses)... Ah, TJ's... so much vegetarian and vegan food, you are also my favorite place to shop... and my worst nightmare!!

  3. very creative post! that's the problem when you find a great brand -- everyone else loves them too!

  4. skinimini - Thanks for the advice :) I agree about the side lot, although that is often full, too. We should try before they close...

    KleoPatra - I'm glad I'm not alone! Please message me about the council people. I had no idea that they would have influence over a decision like this.

    denise - Very true!

  5. Hysterical little post - thanks for the smile and illiciting my thoughts too.