Saturday, May 7, 2011

Announcement: El Cajon Mama Moonlighting For La Mesa Patch

This week, I noticed a tweet from the community news website La Mesa Patch iniviting bloggers to join in the launch of a Local Voices section.

I am honored that I have had the opportunity to provide La Mesa Patch's very first blog entry out of the gate. Check it out: "Joining La Mesa Patch After Having Admired it From the Other Side."

I will continue to maintain El Cajon Mama, particularly when I write about anything El Cajon. I am and will always be proud to represent the city where I live, but I am now happy to claim a second home in La Mesa, even if it is only virtual.

If you are reading this--whether you may live in El Cajon, La Mesa, another part of East County, another region of San Diego County, or else somewhere entirely different altogether--El Cajon Mama welcomes you to this neighborhood hangout on the Web. Please, won't you be my neighbor?


  1. congratulations!
    i was just in la mesa yesterday at one of my favorite restaurants -- la torta cafe. the neighborhood is so nice -- you'll have a lot to write about!

  2. Thanks, Denise! I've never tried La Torta Cafe. I'll have to check it out!