Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Love Letter To The New 52 Corridor

To My Dear, Sweet 52 Corridor,

I know, you're already in a committed relationship with the 67...
I know that we've only just officially met, but I want you to know that I love you already. I know that other people think you're not perfect, but I am still overjoyed that you have come into my life. For years now, I have watched you from a distance, but I haven't had the chance to step foot near you, as fences have kept us apart. Yet, all along I've known that you've been busy focusing on building yourself up and that you've allowed many others to help you along the way. 

Just recently, when the opportunity finally came for you to enter my life, I jumped at the chance. I even went out of my way, changing my plans for the day just so that I could cross on your path. I was a little nervous at first, unsure of where we might be headed. But, my nerves were instatly replaced by a feeling that you were always meant to be in my life. All of these years I've felt like I was going in the wrong direction, and now where I am heading is straight to home.

You make me feel like I'm flying high in the sky!
I hope that you are not too overwhelmed by all of the affection that you may be receiving lately. I understand that it's a lot to handle when you're not used to it, and it probably isn't easy to juggle all of the demands that are being placed on you. But, the fact that people are entrusting you with all of these new responsibilities is really a testament to your potential. After all, you have worked so hard to make good of yourself. You're breaking down barriers for people--you're building connections!

I know that you're really busy and so you are only able to give me about five minutes of your time whenever we meet, but please know that I cherish these minutes and always look forward to when I am able to be in your presence once again.

Love from your secret admirer,
El Cajon Mama


  1. It's great to have but it's tough on the folks who still live around it... looooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuud.

  2. We've lived in noisy areas and so we can understand...we used to live in an apartment next to the 67 right off Bradley Avenue and now we live again on a busy street. One thing that helps is we have double-paned windows. But, we also have just accepted the noise as white noise. We joke that it's like living on the beach, but instead of hearing waves crashing, we hear cars going by. It's only really bad when an extraordinarily loud vehicle like a souped-up motorcycle speeds by.