Friday, April 15, 2011

La Jolla Mom, Meet El Cajon Mama

Last night, I attended an SDBloggers MeetUp event at LEGOLAND SEA LIFE. I had not been a member of SDBloggers (nor had I even heard of them) until my friend invited me to join her at this evening's event. Without having any expectations for the night, I was pleasantly surprised by how exciting it was to talk with others who are interested in and pursuing social media for a career or hobby. 

Although I never did speak with her, I was particularly inspired by one of the organizers of the LEGOLAND night, a blogger who is known as "La Jolla Mom." One quick web search brought me to her La Jolla Mom website, and I was instantly impressed by how well she's managed to create a niche for herself on the Web. Believe me, I have no intentions of attempting a full-fledged social media venture on a scale that she's accomplished. Between work and kids, I rarely find time to update all of the other blogs I've started in the past. To be honest, I hesitate in even starting this new project.

All the same, I just can't pass up my chance to answer the call of La Jolla Mom with an East County version I'm calling, "El Cajon Mama." Just as La Jollans proudly claim their city as "The Jewel," I'm proudly claiming El Cajon as "The Drawer." I already have a growing list of my favorite things "East County" that I look forward to cataloging. May you enjoy discovering the contents of this drawer along with me!

My husband wanted to see a shark. Mission accomplished!

My favorite creatures of the night were the jellies.

My son always likes the rays. We'll have to take him soon!


  1. I love it! I had no idea that the translation is "The Drawer" and your Twitter avatar just makes it even more awesome! Thanks for the kind mention. :)

  2. Thanks, La Jolla Mom! Thanks for organizing the Meetup event. It really did get me all energized to blog! And, I love your site.

  3. It was all thanks to you, Diana :)