Saturday, April 16, 2011

Friday Night At The Santee Drive-In

There are only two drive-in theaters left in San Diego County, and we are lucky enough to live within a 5-minute drive from the Santee location. This is the only way that we ever "go to the movies" these days, and in our opinion, it is the best way. Tonight we went to the Santee Drive-in to see Rio and Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules.

To begin with, the drive-in is a relatively good deal. We paid $16 for my husband, my two kids, and me to see the double billing--adults are $8 each and both of the kids are still free since they are under five. We also save money on refreshments since we're able to bring our own food.

But most importantly, the drive-in is awesome because it means that we get to spend the whole night bundled all together. There is no way that the kids would be able to sit in a regular theater for even a single movie without disturbing people. In the comfort of our own car, though, they can make noise when they need to, we can change a diaper right where we are, and we can even kick up our feet.

Tonight, my son snuggled on my lap during Rio while our daughter slept. Then, right before Diary of a Wimpy Kid, my daughter woke up and so I held her and got her back to sleep while my son had his turn sitting with Daddy.

On the drive back home, my husband reminded me that even though I had had reservations about going to the movies tonight since I was feeling tired, making time for these outings is worth it since our kids won't be little like this for long. We must cherish these times when we can simply hold and cuddle with them. I can't think of another way I'd rather spend my Friday night.

For drive-in newbies, it is bad etiquette to arrive late and drive around with your lights on!

My son and I kicked our feet up on the dash while enjoying Rio.


  1. Thanks, KleoPatra! I'm going to have to check out your blogs. I'm also a vegetarian (although not vegan). If you have any good restaurant recommendations, let me know!