Tuesday, April 19, 2011

7-Eleven Self-Serve Beverages Go Up $0.10...Still The Best Deal In Town!

Help the earth and save money with refills!
One of my family's favorite guilty pleasures is 7-Eleven. In particular, I've developed a bad habit of stopping to get coffee in the mornings before work. When it's hard to drag myself out of bed, just the thought of concocting my perfect mix (3/4 full with decaf and then topped off with the cappuccino machine--Pumpkin Spice, if at all possible) gets me a little more excited to get going for the day. I'm guessing that Starbucks must still be doing okay business-wise since I haven't heard about them having to shut down locations, but when you're living in El Cajon, 7-Eleven is king!

My family has so many adventures that include 7-Eleven that I'm sure I'll be writing about it more in the future. For today, I'm just reporting that at all locations, the self-serve beverage prices have increased by $0.10. This means that Slurpees, Big Gulps, coffees, etc. are all just a little more expensive. I actually found out about the price hike yesterday. I was at the counter waiting for my turn to pay when the regular cashier made the announcement to people. The man he was currently helping said gruffly that he wouldn't be coming back anymore, but then immediately just started chuckling. It was apparent that he is a regular, as are most of the morning goers--I'm not the only one who thinks that this is a great way to start the day.

Frequent drinker cards are available at some locations.
Returning to the price increase, I asked the same worker this morning to clarify the new drink prices. He reiterated that drinks across town went up by $0.10 yesterday, but then he made sure I knew that I wouldn't have to worry because I have a reusable cup and so my refill would remain $0.99. I didn't want the guy to think I was complaining, and so I made sure to let him know that I think it's still a great deal. He defended his business saying that it is a lot cheaper than going to Starbucks and then he ended with, "We ain't rich, we live in El Cajon."

As I checked out with my one dollar bill, I was fishing around in my wallet and the cashier immediately knew that I couldn't find my frequent drinker card. He started a new one for me with a smile and wished me a good day. As I headed for the door, a gangsta-looking guy saw me coming and backed up so that he could hold the door open for me to go out. I must say, I felt a little bit like royalty leaving 7-Eleven this morning, and all for less than a buck!


  1. i'm a 7-11 fan too, tho i don't drink coffee. Nice ending to your story...

  2. It's just such a fun, happy place to go. My husband and I even went to 7-11 out in Tokyo and they were even cuter there.

  3. i live off the refill at 711 but thi morning i was told the raised the refill price to 1.29. a 30percent jump over night. Guess another corporation needs to get thier bottem line..